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I’ll never go to another mechanic again.

Very reasonably priced, diagnosed the problem with my car immediately, fixed it in less than a day. Didn't try to upsell me or hold my car hostage with lingo I didn't understand. It's so hard to find a good mechanic, but I will be telling everyone I know to go to Jeremey at Schmitz.

These guys are friendly, easy to book an appointment with, and they get you in and out quickly.

February 2021
I recently went in for an oil change and state inspection. I mentioned that one tire had a slow leak no one could seem to find and it was driving me crazy to have to put air in every couple of months. They found the hole, sealed it up and charged me 4.99 extra for the fix.

This is an excellent station with fast, friendly service.

April 2022
This is an excellent station with fast, friendly service. I took my EV [Electric Vehicle] to be inspected, and they had that work completed in 15 minutes flat!

Dealership telling you that you need thousands in car fixes? Come here before you sign off.

February 2020
Due to a Honda recall, I dropped my car off across the street at the Honda dealership. I received a call saying my timing belt was rotted, I had multiple oils leaks, water pump problems, and more! All totaling about $2,900.

I see why their reviews are so great!

April 2021
These guys are amazing! I had my first visit here today for my safety and emission inspections and everyone was so knowledgeable, helpful, and friendly. I will always take my car here from now on as it's so hard to find trustworthy places with great people.

Figured out the problem quickly and gave a realistic and fairly priced solution

July 2022
We took our car to the dealer who couldn’t tell us what the issue was and then quoted an arm and a leg for something that “might” be the issue- a friend recommended Schmitz and within a day he had figured out the problem and given us a much more realistic and fairly priced solution- it’s been almost a month and our car hasn’t had any issues yet!

Safe to recommend to your mother.

March 2021
Schmitz has been my go-to for auto service and repair since 1990. They don’t exaggerate, lie or talk down to women. Safe to recommend to your mother.

Great customer service and optimistic about my car when I wasn’t.

January 2022
First time using Schmitz’s, and Al was awesome. Great customer service and he optimistic when I wasn’t about my car. Got it up and running again quickly and I couldn’t be happier!

These guys are the best.

December 2021
These guys are the best. I bought a used car with some issues from the local car dealer. Service manager Al and his teammates did a great job: they found all the problems and resolved them. It looks like honesty, quality, and great customer service is their policy. Highly recommend them.

Schmitz is most definitely a place you can count on as I have the past three years.

February 2020
Al and his team do such a great job. I used to go to Mercedes dealer to get my service and after being told I need $6k worth of work I knew I needed to find a trustworthy repair shop that will only do WHAT you need WHEN you need it. Thanks Al!